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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  January 2, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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potential thousands of others. good evening. they wildly predicted an economic disaster if congress and the white house failed to reach a deal on the fiscal cliff. they made that deal, but no one in washington seems to be celebrating. steve handelsman is on capitol hill where there are more battled down the road. >> reporter: you have to figure a lot of people looked at this and said, wow, they finally learned to compromise. they finally realized it's good to get things done, and they might do it again. if you think that, forget about it. >> reporter: president obama celebrated his win on the tax hike, by going back to hawaii to finish his vacation. wall street celebrated with a stock rally. 98% of americans are relieved no tax hike, but back on capitol hill. >> right now not everything is okay. >> reporter: more division and
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anger. some republicans upset at speaker john boehner for delaying a vote on aid to the victims of hurricane sandy because of the cost. boehner signaling that he's back to a hard line in the budget fights ahead. so are senate republicans. >> so we're going to focus on spending and the tidal waves coming at us are medicare and social security. postponed two months by yesterday's fiscal cliff deal. >> the motion is adopted. >> wave number two is worse. another debt ceiling fight, like the one last year that damaged the u.s. credit rating. president obama vows no repeats. >> i will not have another debate with this congress over whether or not they should pay the bills that have already racked up. >> but house republicans pushed back. the president thinks he's not going to negotiate, he better thing again. he's president of the united states, not emperor of the
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planet. >> reporter: this could get scarier than the cliff. >> it may take a default, another downgrade, the serious economic consequences that flow from it to jolt us back to some kind of reality. >> reporter: and not a happy new year. congressional scholar said it could look like tribal war fare up here and soon. steve handelsman, news4. thank you, steve. we invite you to stay with news4 for continuing coverage on the fallout from the fiscal cliff deer. coming up later, northern virginia bureau reporter will talk to lawmakers from virginia about the potential impact of sequestration on that statement. the big story on capitol hill today, the battle over a multibillion dollar bill to provide aid to states slammed by hurricane sandy. this after lawmakers on both
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sides of the all lashed out to boehner. critics say it contains wasteful spending. but lawmakers say people are suffering and they need help right now. >> only one group to blame, the how george. >> they made the season over the controversy over a fiscal cliff. it wasn't probably to -- obviously that is his decision, we disagreed and made it clear last night, but it's in the past. >> because boehner promised two separate votes. the first on a -- another it's expected -- a dangerous situation at the the flames set on the floor boxes of ammunition, threatening everyone who rushed to help. news4's pat collins is in maryland city, where a disabled
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man died in this fire. pat? >> reporter: flames, fast moving. would-be rescuers not only had to deal with the fire, they had to deal with gunfire. nobody should have to go through that. neighbors did their best to help. >> i could hear him screaming, i mean, he was trying to get out. i busted through the door, i could see the flames through the window. >> reporter: the man who lives here is a hunter. they say the fire touched off his ammunition. the would-be rescuers had to back away. >> the round went off when the house started plowing up, you could hear the rounds and the fire. >> reporter: at one point, neighbors tried to use a garden
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hose on the fire, but it was too hot. by the time anybody could get in, it was too, too late. the man and his two pet dogs found dead inside. the scene, the parkway village mobile home community, firefighters say they got the call around 8:30, that they were there in three minutes. they say the play was engulfed in flames. the victim, he's not been officially identified. they say he and his wife have lived here for more than 20 years. recently they say he got out of the hospital. they put a ramp in his home to help him get around. >> it's a shame. i know he was sick and all, but fighting, and then to die like this, not good. >> reporter: they say the victim was using oxygen. could that have been a contributing factor?
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the fire marshal is investigating. live in maryland city, pat collins, news4. >> thanks, pat. students who survived that slaughter at a school in newtown connecticut are back in class tomorrow for the first time since the attack. the sins from sandy hook will go to class in a nationaling town of monroe. the vacant cool was reopened to house the students. desks and other items from the original sandy hook school were brought in so the kids could feel more denverable. >> the sign has been renamed sandy hook school, so we can carry on our traditions. >> the monroe police department will have a heavy presence at the school to make sure the kids feel safe. >> there have been conflicting records today. -- >> there have been conflicting records about the health status of secretary of state hillary
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clinton. nbc news is reporting that she has 23409 been released, she's been there since sunday undergoing a blood clot. earlier today she had a doctor's visit at another billing on the hospital campus. she went to the appointment with her husband, and with her daughter chelsea as well. after that visit, she returned to the main hospital. skins on the practice field today, getting ready for the matchup on sunday. dan hellie is in the newsroom. i'm going 20 assume they're good and ready to go. >> i think so. i don't know if -- here we are, the redskins with their first full day of playoff preparations. in sports, we've had heard this before, it's all about piquing at the right time. it's not always the best team that wins a championship.
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it's the holdest and most focus. so they're approaches this one the same way. even the rookies sound like wiley veterans. >> i think the way we're approaches this game is the same way we approached the last set. it is a play offgame. we'll be ready. >> i think the guys know what -- and you have to play like you have nothing to lose. >> robert griffin iii and alfred morris, two stud rookies. we'll have more on both of them coming up, including if robert griffin iii will wear that knee brace, which some think has been slowing him down a bit. >> thank you, dan. new and reelected members of the council are ready, but they acknowledge they need to do more
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to remove the. >> reporter: the family bibles were at the ready. last-minute texts were being checked. and music played as leaders of the city brought a personal touch. 20-year member jack evans of ward 2 noting his trippletts have just turned 16. >> does anyone know what that means? they get a driver's permit, right? tried her hand at spanish. >>. [ speaking foreign language ] . >> reporter: but hanging over the formal ceremony, two --. >> i'm standing here today, because 80,000 residents in all eight wards spoke with one voice in favor of reform.
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>> reporter: just two years ago, u.s. attorney general eric holder was swearing in new chairman kwame brown. he resigned last summer after pleading guilty to felony a felony. sgloop and federal prosecutors are still investigating mayor vincent gray's 2010 campaign, as well as other city officials and cowens 8 members. >> there's a question about the council that has to be addressed. >> reporter: that maid the opening prayer more pointed. >> bless them with integrity and wisdom. several council members say they intend to visit legislation. it's consolidate out there action going to get colder. doug, that sounds about right. >> that sounds about exactly right for january. we're talking about a cold night, one of the coldest we have seen so far this season. take a look at the windchill.
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down to 29234 yarkt, 19 already in haguers did not town. we are going to see a cold evening. 31 degrees by midnight, 27 by 5:00 a.m. very cold when you wake up tomorrow morning, many of you will wake up to temperatures in the teens. this cold air. not going anywhere quickly, but i'll show you when it does move out, coming up. still ahead on "news4 at 6," from death row to possible freedom. >> maybe tomorrow justin will actually be breathing the same air, fresh air, for the first time in 12 years. coming up, the allegations of misconduct that got justin wolfe's conviction thrown out, and why prosecutors say he should remain behind bars. >> we won. >> this couple has been waiting years for this day, the first day of same-sex marriage ceremonies in maryland courthouses, a place known for luxury and deck dense is debating whether the wealthy should have to pay a 75% income
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tax. playoff gear has arrived here in washington just as quickly as the shelves were stocked, they started selling out. if you want a piece of the burgundy and
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a united nations official calls the latest figures on the
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sill war in syria shocking. more than 60,000 people have been killed in less than two years of fighting, 15,000 more than previous estimates. syrian activists claim that government air strikes killed 50 people. witnesses say the war planes targeted a gas station. missile were launched in aleppo as they fight for control of the nation's largest airport. thousands protesting in al anbar province today. the rallies have been going on for more than a week. the protesters included the shiite-led government of discrimination. and anti-american shiite cleric warned of an arab spring if the demands are not met. crews are flying over a stranded rig in the alaskan gulf looking for damage. it hit an uninhabited island on monday about 15 miles from the
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town of kodiak. it was blown loose from a ship towing it to seattle for repairs. the rig is stable and upright, but tropical storm force winds have prevented them from landing on it to inspect any damage. . debail here over taxes and spending has been long and it has been sometimes rancorous, but it is nothing compared to what's going on in france. the recently elected president there has proposed and wants to tax millionaire at a 75% tax rate. as michelle kosinski reports, the controversial plan has been instruct down by the high court in france, but the ballots is not over. >> reporter: france may be the birthplace of labels and luxury. chanel, champagne -- >> france is a country where you have a president who said i
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don't like the rich. >> that's the socialist who defeated nicolas sarkozy, nicknamed president bling bling, and has vowed by taxing the rich, 75% on income over a million euros. most citizens agreed with him in polls. entrepreneurs have gone wild saying this would further kill any innovative spirit here, deriving already out to switzerland, london -- >> the problem in france it's not a fiscal cliff, but fiscal quicksand, because bit by bit the french are losing confidence. >> reporter: the 75% tax would affect -- but it targets individual instead of household income. the government says it will find a way to enact it, while other taxes also rise. around europe you also key
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running into american tax exiles. that number has been rising. but you know where in the world has the highest income tax rates currently? the island of aruba at nearly 60% for its highest-earning individuals. sweden at around 57%. back to you. >> that 75% tax bracket is not expected to solve many of france's budget problems. in fact there are 65 million people in that country, and fewer than 25,000 of them even qualify for the high rate. getting cold out there, doug. it is the coldest day so far this year. [ laughter ] >> it's the coldest day of the season. it's also the coldest day in almost a if you year. there you go. at least some kind of a stat for you. temperatures got up to 40 degrees, a very chilly afternoon, but only three degrees below average. we have been very warm, believe it or not, temperatures well above average, right on really since all of last year.
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only one month over the last 18 that has been below average. temperatures right now, highs today set at 40 degrees, lows this morning at 34 degrees. coldest day so far this year, at least the coldest afternoon, because 34 degrees this morning is actually above the average low, which is sitting at 29. so today will officially go down as above average, once again, believe it or not. 35 degrees, wind out of the north-northwest, gives us a windchill of 29. the windchill will be a factor for the next couple hours until the wind begins to calm down. 28 in gaithersburg, 34 in manassas, 28 in culpepper. they're going to continue to go down how about 19 in haguers did not town, 30 in winchester, so once again, we are looking at a bit of a windchill, even a 5 to 10-mile-an-hour wind will make it feel that much colder. radar, nothing to show you here. as we widen out, not much going
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on. the clouds are trying to move back in right now. this may help just a little bit to keep us above the teens in many locations, but i do think some of you will still get below that 20 degrees mark. how about the skiing? skiing has not been that good, but i think this weekend could be great for skiing. if you're a skier, the travel not too far. 13 trails open in liberty, over toward wisp, snowshoe has 43, wintergreen with 124 trails. i think we'll be able to make some snow, they will finally be able to make a lot of snow, which means this weekend could be pretty good skiing. breezy and cold. tomorrow we're going to see the winds begin to die down. still chili, even with abundant sunshine, temperatures should still be below average. tomorrow will be a below average
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day. friday, back to average, or at least close to average. lots of sunshine, still on the cool side, temperatures in the low 40s. some of you staying in the upper 30s. then we start to warm up. partly cloudy, breezy and cold this evening. 29 to 34. winds out of the northwest, but those are continuing to calm. look at they numbers. 18 in some of the colders areas to about 27 degrees. light wind out there, mostly clear skies. tomorrow afternoon, 36 to 41. continued cool, but still not frigid. in the next couple days, 43 on your friday, 45 on saturday, 46 on sundays. sunday right now partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. as they leave hopefully with their wings clipped. temperatures get on the warmer side. 50 on tuesday, 53. >> we're watching that sunday forecast carefully irchts we
6:22 pm
sure are. still to come, a man who spept the last 11 years on virginia's death row could walk out of the prison tomorrow. tonight hess mother reacts to news that her crusade may have paid off, and we'll hear from the police officer crying foul. coming up in sports, carol maloney. and the ravens losing one of the best of all time, who
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for ten years, a family in northern virginia has been struggling to get a relative free and out of prison. tomorrow that man, who's been on death row, could walk free. chris gordon has our report. >> justin wolfe's mother hugged family and friends after the judge mary grace o'brien said she'll sign an order releasing justin wolfe from prison friday evening if prosecutors fail to get a stay from the u.s. court of appeals in richmond.
6:26 pm
>> reporter: they have a website that explains why he feels he was wrongfully convicted. they posted pictures of danny petroli jr. who was killed and the triggerman, owen barber, whose testimony put justin wolfe behind bars. the gunman parent traded his testimony for leniency, and he got a 38-year sentence. prosecutors say wolfe owed petroli a lot of money and that was the motive for murder, but this past july, raymond jackson threw out wolfe's conviction saying barber lied and prosecutors used tainted testimony and knew it. last month, the judge ordered wolfe released in ten days. the prosecutor filed new charges, but today the judge in manassas said wolfe cannot be tried against for any crime in connection with the death of
6:27 pm
daniel petroli jr. here tess justice center, wolfe remains in custody tonight, but if the judge signs his order of release, he could walk out of here tomorrow evening a free man for the first time in almost a dozen years. >> to see the smiles on his face, he knows this is a huge victory, and it's a great win. so as terry said, we're hopeful he'll be home tomorrow. right now investigators are looking for the cause of a deadly fire in anne arundel county. a disabled man was killed this morning. the heat from the flames set off boxes of ammunition sending bullets flying around the area. neighbors and firefighters tried but could not rescue the victim. house speaker john boehner is promising a vote on a bill that would provide relief for the victims of superstorm sandy as early as friday. this new effort comes after a day of sharp such from both
6:28 pm
sides of the aisle. democrats and republicans are upset that boehner decided last night to pull a vote on the $60 billion bill. they say the money is needed right now, but people are hurting. the storm rallied today, but they are signs that investors erelief may not last long. fights over the debt ceiling and budget are looming. >> those looming aspects of the crisis such as sequestration have a major impact on virginia. david culver reports that even lawmakers in the same party can agree on the best action to take. >> reporter: we spoke with two democratic congressmen from northern virginia. nomarally they vote the same on big issues, but when it comes to this fiscal cliff legislation, they were on opposite side both democrats, both representing
6:29 pm
northern virginia, but on this issue of the fiscal cliff, they did not great. congressman connolly voting for the legislation. >> this was not a very solution-oriented congress, but this was a solution in the last day of the last session, and i felt that was the right vote. congressman moran voted no, like many house republicans. he said we're pushing off the inevitable, namely sequestration, those are the across the board cuts to all federal agencies. they could cripple northern virginia's economy. >> the way this sequestration act is worded, you have to take an equal amount from every program project and activity. that defies logic. you can't furlough for a month air traffic controllers or meat inspectors. what do you do in the grocery stores if you furloughed meat inspectors? >> reporter: conley is also fog used on sequestration, but for the immediate future, he says some good will come from his vote. >> most of our constituents are
6:30 pm
not going to see thousands taken out of their paycheck in additional taxation. >> reporter: these two, while friends, are in the same party and they still couldn't great on this fiscal cliff issue. what does that mean for the new congress to be sworn in tomorrow? >> the new congress isn't going to be much different from the last congress. >> reporter: both really not expecting much to change in the 113th congress. in the meantime the issue has only been delayed another two months, forcing another deadline and likely more last-minute drama. i'm david culver, news4. the average family income in fairfax counsel is about $120,000 a year, cord to the associated press. that family can expect to pay more than $1700 in additional taxes this year. family, friends and fellow officers on friday will celebrate the life of officer chris young at his funeral. services for young, who is a
6:31 pm
seven-year veteran of the princewomen county police force are at the hilton memorial chapel in woodbridge. it begins at 10:00. a wake is set for tomorrow at that same chapel. officer young died on monday after his motorcycle collided while he was responding to a call. he is survived by his wife and three children. there is growing concern tonight for a man from maryland who disappeared after celebrating on new year's eve. family and friends of 23-year-old michael poe hung up fliers this evening. poe went out monday night in that area with a large group of friends, but no one has seen him since he left the bar shenanigan's on 18th street. >> it's the most important thing in the world to me right now. it's unbelievable the emptyness we feel, my wife and i both, and the support group we have here as well. this is the town of booneville and surrounding people.
6:32 pm
the facebook and the people that have been coming out has been tremendous. michael poe is from claurks burg. if you have seen him, you're asked to contact the police. there's a controversy brewing over certain speed cameras in the district. it could prove to be costly. transportation reporter adam tuss introduces is to a d.c. police officer on a mission to get his own ticket and thousands of others thrown out. >> reporter: upset and angry about speed camera tickets, you usually hear it coming from our local commuters. >> it's a swindal, the way to get your money. there's too many of them. >> reporter: almost never do you hear it from cust d.c.'s own police officers. >> i'm outraged, even though i brought it to their attention, did not do anyone. all fine and good if everything was legitimate, but sergeant robinson says that's not the
6:33 pm
case. you think a long-term work zone has been in place, an the posted speed limit has dropped down. the speed cameras here are still enforcing a speed limit of 45 miles an hour, sergeant robinson says that's a problem. even though the speed limit on the cameras is actually higher than the posted limit, the sergeant says it's not correct. >> you have to enforce the posted speed. it has to be accurate. >> reporter: sergeant robinson took this case to the dmv which agreed there were discrepancies with the ticket and it should be tossed out. if that's the case with sergeant robinson's ticket, it could be the same with thousands of other tickets, costing the city almost $2 million. after the sergeant voiced his concern, he says he was punished. >> you take into consideration what i've said? you've listened? but you haven't taken any action. the only action you've taken has been against myself. meaning that i've been removed from the program. >> robinson says he'll still keep pursuing the issue.
6:34 pm
in northwest, adam tuss, news4. for the first time today same-sex couples could legally get married at courthouses in maryland. brett king and nick woolie were the first in line to take advantage of the new law. same-sex matter became legal just after midnight. the couple says they plan to have a big celebration with friends and family later. but they didn't want to wait to make it officials. >> we're both very happy. it's a hij part of history. >> we're lucky to be a part of history, very pleased. >> they live in chicago now, but they first met in montgomery county and decided it was the perfect place to get married. the ncaa says it is disappointed that pennsylvania's governor is suing them. tom corbett filed a lawsuit against the organization today, claimed sanctions levied against
6:35 pm
penn state punished the wrong people. the lawsuit claims the organization was motivated by a desire to gain leverage in the court of opinion opinion. the sanctions including a $60 million fine and four-year bowl ban. corbett wants all the sanctions thrown out. we have breaking news now. we are told that secretary of state hillary clinton is in fact now out of the hospital. a spokesman for the secretary just released the statement. it said that mrs. clinton was discharged from presbyterian hospital this even. the medical team says she's making good progress on all fronts. they're confident she will make a full recovery. secretary clinton was admitted to the hospital on sunday after doctors discovered a blood clot in her head. it is not clear yet when she will return to her office in washington. legendary singer patty page has died. ♪ how much is that doggie in the window ♪
6:36 pm
>> you've heard that song before, one of her biggest hits, the 1950s star also had a hit with the song "the tennessee waltz." page sold more than 100 million record albums, making her one of the top-selling female singers in history. 24 records in the top ten as late as ten years ago she was performing, and as many as 50 concerts a year. page will be honored with a lifetime achievement award at the grammys next month. patty page was 85. coming up, some thieves in maryland planned to grab quick cash, and stole an entire a it. m. things didn't go as they thought, though. fans just can't seem to get enough of the nfc east champs. >> and we're looking cold right now, temperatures in the 30s
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6:39 pm
ia27 quite a scare this morning. some employees arrives at the merchants tire store found a hand grenade. authorities closed nearby streets and used a robot to collect the grenade. it turns out the internal com uponants of the explosive had been removed, so there was no danger of it exploding.
6:40 pm
police are still trying to figure out how the grenade ended up outside that business. somebody tried to pull off a heist at a bank in montgomery county. they tried to steal the entire atm. it happened at the drive-thru of the bank of america on east ridgeville boulevard in mt. airie. bang workers discovered the atm ripped apart. no equipment was stolen. investigators will not say whether any cash was taken from inside the a at which time m. nobody's been arrested. playoff buzz building. skins fans have a new way to show off the team pride. the team's playoff gear hit store shelves today, i guess it was. this was the scene at the hall of fame store at fedex field. it did not take long for that merchandise to go from the rack to the register. >> i'm just -- >> what do you think of the shirts? >> i love them. >> they're pretty good.
6:41 pm
they're great. deal is, though, not everybody is happy. apparently it's difficult to find redskins gear in xxl sizes. you've got to wonder about that. there's a lot of really big people who are football fans. >> maybe that's why there's not much left. >> they got it already. >> bought it all up. yeah. dan was cool, though, he only needs a regular. it's no big deal. >> just a sh-medium. we're talking all football. a linebacking legend from baltimore has decided to retire, carol maloney has the latest. plus a rookie not
6:42 pm
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we have a windchill of 27. it's on the cold side this evening, the coldest of the season so far. that's not really saying that much. because we haven't been that cold at all. here's the dulles area coming in at 32. and herndon coming in at that
6:45 pm
freezing mark. temperatures and the wind conbien to give you the windchill. 27 in camp spring action and 28 at annapolis. radar not showing a whole lot of moisture at all. rain down to the south, some lake-effect snow. but none of that is coming our way. i think we are going to stay dry right on through at least the first half of the weekend. lows tonight 27 in washington, how about the teens for many of you, and we will see a 5-mile-an-hour wind. tomorrow afternoon we'll stay on the cold side. most of you will stay in the 30s. we'll see the winds between 10, maybe 15 miles per hour. today they were gusting over 20. it won't feel quite as cold
6:46 pm
tomorrow, but still rather chili. i'll have that seven-day forecast, including the all-important redskins forecast in just a minute. here's why we love playoff football, because last year, remember? we swept the guys that won the super bowl. >> and here's the thing. the giants peaked at the right time, they finished 9-7. they really weren't even that good during the red lard season. >> neither we are we. the first playoff game in 13 years. it does not mean they aren't having fun. the kinds in the playoffs due to a couple record-setting rookies. robert griffin iii finished the season as the nfl's third-ranked passer. alfred more in, now preparing for the biggest games of their
6:47 pm
careers, and the quarterback is setting the tone. having a little fun at mike shanahan's press conference this afternoon. >> coach, we -- we just wanted to know -- [ laughter ] >> you caught me by surprise. who is this guy? >> what did you do for new year's? >> tried to put together a good game plan. i wasn't sure how healthy you were, so it was hard without you calling me. [ laughter ] you got me good. >> that's funny. >> look at that. mike shanahan didn't know how to react. rg3 having some fun. my guess is you wouldn't see that from his rookie backfield mate morris, 33 carries for 200 yards for three touchdowns. morris named the nfc offensive player of the week. morris and rg3 the first rookie
6:48 pm
teammates to ever win the award in the same season. >> it's an honor, you know, with so many great backs. great players period in the nfc, it's an honor to be named. i'm thankful i can go out there and do my part. like i said, you come in as a rookie, to accomplish some of the things i accomplished, it's an honorened a i don't take it for granted. there's so much more work to be done. >> i thought teams started keying on alfred a lot more. that's when i said he was getting the tough yards, running 22 times for 90 yards, not getting any big runs, but he stayed with that. and then the past couple games, if they came away, you know, they switched it up a bunch,
6:49 pm
basically every other series. and, he's just done a great job with the runs. >> is alfred morris' celebration just clean? it's perfect. you remember where that comes from, right? a little league team that he did an event. first touchdown, a i'm going to hit it like a home run. he carried it all season long. really need. griffin, by the way, said hess sprained knee getting close to 100%. he expressed a desire to play without that brace, but here's the problem. trainer larry hiss is probably not down with that. he would prefer to keep it on as a precautionary measure. for mo on what went down today, let's send it out to carol. >> reporter: they welcome back cedric griffin today, had returned after a four-game suspension. he hopes to start redeeming himself this sunday. mean time corey lichtensteiger
6:50 pm
and london fletcher did not practice. also backup quarterback kirk cousins missed a workout. he has the flu. as for the rest of the guys, seven straight must-win games, you would think they would want some extra time just to enjoy being division champions. but no, these guys said bring on the seahawks like today. right now. >> if the game was today, i would be happy, you know. this sitting around waiting for it sucks. if we could play today or tomorrow -- i would rather play than talk about it. >> i real le can't wait for the weekend. you just want to get on the field and get another win. >> we're all in the same boat, that same anxiety, anxiousness, and intensity flowing through our bodies. if we can bounce it off each
6:51 pm
other, funnel it into the practice field, and have intense and fun practices, guys can make it to sunday. and hopefully -- >> reporter: sunday at 4:30 p.m. kickoff cannot come soon enough for everybody. at redskins park, carol maloney, news4 sports. >> looking very warm there. because the redskins season continues, so does "redskins showtime." new days, friday at 7:30, with myself,wise, doc, and reed. 9 skins and ravens both hosting playoff games. the colts visiting baltimore, what could be even more strange is the fact that sunday may be ray lewis' last game after 17 seasons and 12 pro bowls, he announced he will retire at the
6:52 pm
end of the season. >> everything that starts has an end. that's just life. for me, you know, today i told my team that this would be my last ride. and i -- and i told them, i just felt so much peace, where i am with my decision. it's either hold onto the game and keep playing and let my kids miss out on times we can be sharing tome. i always promised my son if he got a full-ride scholarship, dad was going to be there. i can't miss that. i just can't. >> i can't picture baltimore without him. you know, he has kids, but, you know, i was one of his kids. it's like he's passing the torch down saying i got to let you go.
6:53 pm
i know he'll always be there. >> ray rice getting emotional. ray his son will play colle [ fingers tapping ] [ rain pattering ] [ heels clicking ] [ female announcer ] yoplait light tastes great now... ♪ ...and feels great later 20 delicious flavors of yoplait light, now at 90 calories each. yoplait, it is so good!
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invasion,aia27rightia27 out of the water.a27 thousands of those things are clogging the bay near the
6:56 pm
black sea. swarms of jelly fish keeping swimmer from enjoying the beach. it's also attracted tourists to the area. fishermen are happy, because jelly fisher known to atracked sea bass. biologists say they'll soon go back out to sea when the wind changes. millions of getting glimpse of a tiny baby eagle. a camera was set up above a next in north ft. myers, florida. ozzie and harriet have been visiting the same nest for years. harriet layed two eggs, and one hatched overnight. people are keep a close eye to see if the second egg will hatch. >> i boot mike trip to ft. myers, and then to the ukraine. >> who knew. >> it's not keeping people away from the beach, either, because it's cold. i'm just sayin'. over the next couple days here, staying on the cold side.
6:57 pm
40 on your thursday, 43 on friday, and then getting in at least to the mid 40s on saturday and sunday, this sunday's redskins game not nearly as cold as we took on -- to beat the cowboys last sunday. >> thank you, doug. just about everybody singing the praises offed redskins, including a feathered fan. [ whistling ] >> well, you know, he's trying. >> that's it. >> they say he knows "hail to the redskins" his owner posted this video back on december 20th on youtube. [ laughter ] >> it's become quite popular especially since the skins beat the cowboys on sunday. the use also posted a caption sake he'll be up to speed and will know the entire fight song
6:58 pm
in time for the super bowl. [ laughter ] >> now, if you [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: the big hot pastrami melt. we perfected the pastrami sandwich -- filled with hot, juicy pastrami, pickles, yellow mustard and bubbly melted cheese. all piled-high on our signature freshly baked bread. made hot, toasty and just for you. and don't be afraid to put your spin on this deli style deliciousity -- add your favorite ingredients, like spicy jalapeños or crisp green peppers. get to your local subway and taste some perfect pastrami today! subway. eat fresh.
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